Our Story

Founded in 2004, we have become a leader in development, operation and management of renewable energy projects in wind, bioenergy and solar on the island of Ireland and in Great Britain. We have 188MW of developed wind generation connected to the grid and over 400MW of renewable energy projects and 3rd party contracts under management.

We are also developing energy storage projects in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and on the European mainland that will support the full integration of renewable sources of energy into power systems. We also provide an energy market and trading service, our team’s understanding of regulatory developments, market design & trading is unparalleled in the all-island market. By actively participating on all I-SEM market change working groups (including DS3 and I-SEM) and the market committees of IWEA, NIRIG and Electricity Association of Ireland we can translate our unique insights into value for our clients.

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Our Divisions

We have established businesses in each of the key renewable energy technologies and markets in Ireland, Great Britain and Europe 


Wind Energy

A portfolio of 22 wind energy projects, currently generating 174 MW of renewable power.
We will grow this portfolio to 400 MW of generation by 2020.



Bio Energy

We are a leading provider of renewable energy solutions to businesses through bioenergy installations and energy services.



Solar Energy

We provide ground and roof-mounted solar installations to businesses in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.



Energy Storage

We are leading the development of grid-scale energy storage technologies including compressed air energy storage, battery and flywheel.



Trading & Market Services

We supply tailored energy trading and market services in an increasingly complex energy market place.



Energy Solutions

We work with farmers and businesses to seize opportunities from the transition to more renewables in our energy system.


Our People

Smart, determined people make things happen. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: our people are our most valuable asset.

We have grown to a team of over 80 engineers, planners, geologists, project managers, energy markets specialists, financial analysts, corporate financiers and networks professionals across our offices in Belfast, Dublin, Manchester and Chicago. Their insights, expertise, ambition and flinty determination progress the projects that create value for our stakeholders and returns for our investors. We support them with a culture of honesty, respect and care.


Our Values

The values we hold and live by determine how we are perceived and the strength of our relationships with our stockholders, customers and colleagues. Relationships matter to us. The values we hold strengthen and protect them.

Governance – We have been entrusted by our shareholders and investors to develop and safeguard the Group’s assets. We put controls in place to this end which we monitor and enforce. Our Board oversees our business activities and key decisions directly and through its sub committees.
Colleagues – We recruit the best people we can find to join us, without regard to their gender, race, nationality, colour, creed, age or sexual orientation. Our commitment to each other is our company-wide ethos:

  1. Roll up your sleeves when there is work to be done.
  2. Fix the problem, forget the blame.
  3. Display honesty, integrity, respect and credibility
  4. Respect each other, be welcoming and caring
  5. Work to meet and exceed expectations
  6. Lead with humility
  7. Be proactive, persistent, transparent, entrepreneurial and innovative
  8. Empower your colleagues, respect their input and suggestions and allow them to take risks.
  9. Communicate impartial information – both good and bad – in a clear timely manner – no surprises.
  10. Work to promote a green future.

Partnerships – We develop long term partnerships with global technology leaders, funders and our other service providers to develop workable solutions to the challenges of changing energy markets for our customers.
Communities – We are part of our communities. We consult with them on our projects and reflect their concerns in our project designs as far as practicable.  

At a Glance

Total Capacity Developed


Since we powered our first wind farm at Skrine in Co. Roscommon in 2012, the developed portfolio of wind projects has grown to 14 operational wind farms, totaling a generating capacity of 188MW

Total Assets Under Management


We provide asset management and power trading services; totalling a generating capacity of 280MW in wind asset management, 1.5MW in biomass asset management and 330MW in 3rd party power trading asset management.


Reduced CO2 Emissions


The renewable power generated by projects, we have developed and manage, reduces the amount of CO2 equivalent (tonnes) released to the atmosphere. This helps Ireland meet its renewable energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction targets, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change on the Earth’s atmosphere


Number of Homes Powered


The renewable power generated, by projects we manage, improves the security of our electricity supplies and meets the energy needs of homes and businesses on the island of Ireland.


No one should exist in isolation of their community. Our communities support and sustain us.

As developers of wind farms and other renewable energy projects, communities near our projects have an important role in their delivery. They are essential consultees during the design of our projects and must be consulted as part of the planning approval process.
Communities can also be powerful advocates for a sustainable future through their responses to renewable energy projects and supporting infrastructure.
Some impacts on those living near our projects are inevitable. Our experience is that with honest, transparent communication and sensitive and considered design, wind farms can quickly be accepted and become a positive feature in the landscape.

Community Benefit Fund

We have always recognised the contribution of communities to our projects. Our policy is to establish a community benefit fund for each of our projects. These funds are administered independently of Gaelectric, aligned with industry protocols to provide funding for local projects that meet the social needs of the communities where our projects are located.



The challenges we face in moving to a future of sustainable use of energy are daunting. We need leaders in government, in business and among our communities in confronting these challenges.

As a Company, we seek to be leaders through the standards of service we provide to our customers, and within our industry by the examples we set for ourselves and for others.

However, on occasion we should and do speak out.

We are active members of our renewable industry representative bodies including the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA), the Northern Ireland Renewable Industry Group (NIRIG) and the European Association for Energy Storage (EASE).

We support and attend gatherings within the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe to discuss and debate the challenges we face and the policies we need to secure a sustainable energy future. We contribute to mainstream print and broadcast media concerning energy policy and the contribution of the renewable energy sector to our economy, energy security and jobs.

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