Ground Mounted Solar (Northern Ireland)

We are assessing the suitability of existing windfarm sites to host solar generation projects in Northern Ireland. Different generation profiles for solar and wind mean that co-location of these technologies frequently makes sense. Planning applications were lodged in late 2015 for solar generation at wind generation sites in Northern Ireland, and consents have already been achieved for two of these projects:

Cregganconroe Solar Project (on land north-east of 136 Loughmallon Road, Pomeroy, Dungannon, BT70 2SX)

Inishative Solar project (on land south of 32 Altmore Road, Pomeroy, Dungannon, BT70 2UN)

Cloonty Solar project (on land south-west of 110 Castlecat Road, Ballymoney, BT53 8AW)

Monnaboy Solar project (on land south of 62 Monnaboy Road, Eglinton, BT47 3HP)