Gaelectric Energy Storage Sponsors Larne Swimming Club

April 16, 2013

16 April 2013 – Gaelectric Energy Storage, part of the Gaelectric renewable energy development and energy storage company, has announced a three year sponsorship deal with Larne Swimming Club.


Commenting on the sponsorship Patrick McClughan, Gaelectric’s Commercial Manager in Northern Ireland, said: “Gaelectric recognises the importance of investing in the local community, in local young people, and developing and nurturing local talent and potential. Such investment ultimately benefits the wider community and we are delighted that the proposed 268MW Energy Storage development in Larne has been able to assist.

“There is a great deal of talent and potential within Larne Swimming Club and we in Gaelectric are delighted to have this opportunity to develop a relationship with the club and the local community. We hope that this sponsorship will assist the club in further enhancing the skills of its members. Sport and leisure activities are a very important part of achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle and we are delighted to be able to support the local swimming club in helping to encourage over 300 young people to integrate sport into their day to day routine.

Welcoming the sponsorship, Nuala Parkes, Chairperson of Larne Swimming Club said:

“LSC are delighted to join forces with Gaelectric as the club moves from strength to strength. Larne Swimming Club is currently one of the strongest clubs in Ulster and Ireland with over 240 swimmers with a strong track record of success. As previous Aquasprint (Junior League) champions and PTL (Provincial Town League) champions, LSC recently fielded the largest club entry at the Ulster Age Group Championships, with 47 swimmers qualifying for the event, bringing home 55 medals between them.

As we come towards the end of the competitive season, we’ll have a significant number of swimmers competing in the Irish Championships. We continuously strive to maximise the potential of our athletes through commitment and belief but by teaming up with Gaelectric we believe their support will go a long way towards maximising the power of nature!”

Gaelectric Energy Storage is currently planning investment in Larne through the development of a £175 million compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant. The project, which has been named Project-CAES Larne, will provide up to 200 direct and indirect jobs, peaking during the construction phase of the project. It will also provide significant benefits in the running of Northern Ireland’s energy system, as CAES will allow grid operators to use off-peak power from wind and other renewable sources to safely store energy as compressed air underground.

This compressed air can then be instantly called upon when electricity demand increases to help drive electricity generation from a highly efficient gas turbine generator using significantly reduced amounts of natural gas and producing very low emissions. In this way, energy that would otherwise be wasted will be put to good use in storing power as compressed air that can be called upon by grid system operators at a later time. This means less wasted power, more sustainable power usage, lower emissions of greenhouse gases, greater energy security and ultimately lower energy costs for consumers.

Project-CAES Larne will be at the cutting edge of energy technology and the delivery of the Smart Electricity Grid in Europe, which will provide opportunities for innovation and skills development locally.

A thorough programme of consultation with the community that is underway will afford anyone with views or information on the Project to contact the Gaelectric project team during the assessment and project design phases.

For all media enquiries please contact Janet McKay, PR Consultant on behalf of Gaelectric NI, on 07968 817514 or email


Potential Investment & Job Creation & Timescale for Development:

  • Development of the CAES plant would provide approximately 200 jobs full and part time jobs over 3 years across the construction and engineering services sectors.
  • Development of a CAES plant in Larne would involve initial exploration and development to assess the feasibility of using the salt deposits for CAES. This could require investment up to £10 million.
  • If this phase was to validate the technical feasibility of using the salt for air storage, the project would continue through to construction. This would involve the leaching of caverns, compression and withdrawal testing of air from the caverns, combined with installation of the CAES machinery and surface infrastructure, possibly requiring a capital investment of up to £175 million.
  • Approximate timescale for development and construction of a plant is at this stage expected to be between 3 – 4 years. Gaelectric were awarded an exploration license in December 2011 and we aim to have the plant operational in 2016/17.

About Gaelectric:

  • Gaelectric is a privately held renewable energy generation and technology group established in 2004 and headquartered in Dublin and has offices in Belfast, Chicago and Great Falls, Montana.
  • Gaelectric is active in different fields of renewable power generation and energy storage with experienced teams specialised in all aspects of project planning, permitting, finance, engineering and management.
  • The Group has significant assets and projects under development in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and North America (Gaelectric North America). Gaelectric employs 60 staff across all of its operations.
  • In Northern Ireland Gaelectric currently has 8 wind farm projects in various stages of development and has recently commissioned its 6 turbine 13.8MW Carnhill Wind Farm in Co Antrim generating enough energy for circa 8000 homes.
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