Onshore Wind Ireland

Island of Ireland

Gaelectric was founded in Ireland in 2004. Ireland is uniquely positioned with prevailing westerly winds blowing in from the Atlantic. According to the Irish Meteorological Service, the north and west coasts of Ireland are two of the areas with the highest wind speeds in Europe and have considerable potential for the generation of wind energy.

The potential in Ireland for renewable energy is very significant with the Republic of Ireland Government recently setting the target of 40% of electrical generation to come from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. Northern Ireland is expected to announce a similar target over the coming months.

With offices throughout Ireland, Gaelectric has the resources to effectively manage our pipeline of renewable energy projects throughout the island of Ireland. Gaelectric’s specialist offices in Ireland include Dublin (Head Office and Global Finance & Marketing) and Belfast (Technical Office and Technology & Wind analysis.

Republic of Ireland 

The Republic of Ireland’s current national energy policy is enshrined in the 2007 White Paper “Delivering a sustainable energy future for Ireland”. This stated that, “The Irish Government is committed to delivering a significant growth in renewable energy as a contribution to fuel diversity in power generation”. Sustainable Energy Ireland state that, “in order to achieve our national targets for renewable electricity by 2020 (40%), an estimated 5,500-6,000MW of wind generation is required”.

Northern Ireland/UK Market

Renewables generation in Northern Ireland is primarily from onshore wind: there are currently 19 wind farms across Northern Ireland with total capacity of just under 240MW. RenewableUK state that, “Northern Ireland could contribute 543 MW of onshore wind by 2010, 9% of the total UK forecast by 2011”. To reach these targets it will be necessary to undertake an urgent programme of grid reinforcement to allow Northern Ireland to meet its renewables targets for 2012 and beyond.