Solar Energy

We provide ground and roof-mounted solar installations to businesses and landowners in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

We firmly believe that solar PV is becoming, and will increasingly be, one of the main driving forces in renewable energy generation. Solar will provide both challenges and opportunities for the renewable industry, which Gaelectric is well placed to act upon. Significant cost reductions over recent years have made solar an attractive proposition within the Irish and UK markets and together with ongoing and anticipated Government supports, mean that solar deployment levels should continue their impressive growth.

Solar energy is among the most popular renewable energy technologies. It receives the highest public approval ratings of all renewable energy technologies in the United Kingdom at approximately 80% (Source: DECC Public Attitude Tracker February 2015). Solar energy is also versatile, scalable, deployable at a wide range of locations and can be delivered quickly.

We are currently working with a large number of landowners in Ireland to assess the potential for solar projects on their land. With the expectation of a solar Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff (‘REFIT’) in later this year, we are completing preparatory work to allow us to commission projects as soon the introduction of a solar REFIT allows.