Benefits of a Gaelectric Solar project


We will enter into a long term lease agreement and pay you a per-acre rental income each and every year. We will index-link these payments so that you can be sure that they will keep track with inflation.

We will complete the entire development process from design and planning through to installation and maintenance at no cost to you.

Rental income from solar energy is secure and predictable and contributes to cash flow and to meeting other costs in running a farm or business.

Works with farming

Solar panels and equipment typically occupy between 30% and 50% of the leased area. You can continue to use land for other activities including grazing of smaller livestock such as sheep and poultry. Cropping can also be incorporated on larger field margins. We will work with you to understand your priorities and maximise the amount of land availability to reflect these.


We design our wind and solar energy projects to protect local wildlife and their habitats. We work with you to prepare biodiversity management plans. We want to make a real positive impact on the local environment. We will design our renewable energy projects to maximise their environmental benefits. For example, we may undertake additional planting or install bird and bat boxes, or sow wildflower seed mixes for sites that are not grazed by livestock.

Quality and Experience

We have a track record of constructing renewable energy projects that last and perform well. We only use high quality solar panels, mounting systems and equipment for best performance, durability and reliability. Our in-house teams will work with you to make your project a reality.

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