Energy markets are evolving more rapidly now than at any time in the past. This creates opportunities for businesses and farmers to utilise their land and buildings to produce renewable power to meet their own needs and to supply the grid with surplus power.

We have established Gaelectric’s URnergy division to provide services to businesses to seize these opportunities from a changing energy market.

Market Evolution

We see the electricity industry changing dramatically over the next 5 years. Consumers will demand new approaches to electricity generation and supply. Traditional power companies will be unable to create energy products that interest their customers. New disruptive technologies will start to impact on the viability of the traditional methods of generating power.

The Irish electricity market will change as is happening in other European countries. This change will include the development of distributed power generation at the locations where people and businesses use electricity. For example, on roof tops and around existing infrastructure. These changes will be part of the next phase of Ireland’s transition to a more sustainable energy system.


More and more consumers of energy will want to harness the latest technologies and systems to generate their own sustainable energy. We see opportunities to work with farmers and businesses who have existing buildings or land and a demand for energy to become ‘pro-sumers’, that is both producers and consumers of electricity.

We want to help you produce yoUR energy in a way which suits yoUR farm, or yoUR business.